i only find older men attractive.. i'm in my 20s,but i like men in their 40s-70s. nobody gets me and i feel so bad b/c whenever my friends are like "lets go out with our bfs... or go ask that guy out he likes you".. i feel kinda guilty b/c none of them know. i try to bring it up by saying things like... "that kind is sexy" when i see a older guy but they say eww.. & laugh b/c they think it's a joke.

There’s nothing wrong with finding these men attractive, I feel you know that.

I think you an I both know that you are really afraid of what your friends think of you. Give them a chance, tell them. Wait for the right moment and say it. Express how you feel, tell them your afraid of what they think. Give them time. If they are your true friends they will accept you. 


Posted on October 29th, 2011
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