Algiers by Greatestdancer

Algiers by Greatestdancer

I'm afraid of dying before I've done the things I want to do.

   Make your life what it is you love and cherish. This is your life now, right here. Life is not defined by what you are able to do now or what you may miss out on; but by the very essence of what is you, in whatever " form " you might take or believe in. So simply live, because your life is never over, there is only the unknown. Remember, death does not mean the end

Will everything be okay in the end?, I lay at night crying myself to sleep sometimes asking myself that very question . . .

<3 Sometimes it feels like your world, the very earth is crumbling from underneath you. Its not over yet, I promise you that 

spiders in the toilet!

Ahh don’t tell me that! Thats one of my number one fears! I found one the other night in the sink! Oohhh I feel bad for the ones in your toilet though, I hope they survived :3

Stunning blog

Thank you, Yours is so beautiful :3

by `yatender