If I wasn't afraid of the outcome. I'd tell my best friend how much I care for her and what she truly means to me..

<3 Fear is something to be valued <3 I think it reveals something so pure about ourselves and can really light the way for you.

Truthfully, this is something that obviously means alot to you. You need to say it sooner or later, its what you truly feel. You never know the outcome. Though, I do understand your fear. If this is something you decide to do, do it in the right timing and setting.

Ask yourself, if fear wasn’t a factor ~ What feels right?

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How does one send submissions in?

:3 From the blog ~ In the upper right; You will see the words ” Submit ” Click there


Now you will be at the submission page, click on ” Choose a Photo ” and everything should be good from there :3


Hope this helps :3

Amazing blog, I really enjoy it and keep up the good work!

Thank you kindly :3